Peel Ports ready to “mitigate risk” of Brexit

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Peel Ports has said increased roll-on, roll-off (RO-RO) capacity for unaccompanied trailer at its facilities in Liverpool, Heysham, and Sheerness could limit the impact of Brexit.

All three ports have increased capacity for HGV trailers and storage and now have a combined capacity for 1 million RO-RO units per year.

Mark Whitworth, chief executive officer of Peel Ports, said: “The solution we are putting forward is a simple one, which will help maintain smooth trade and also offer increased value to cargo owners. Unaccompanied trailers offer more flexibility for longer sea crossings, taking advantage of capacity at ports other than Dover, such as London Medway.’

“We know that these practical solutions will help our customers to mitigate the risk which Brexit could bring. We believe cargo owners and their logistics providers can ensure their supply chain is protected, regardless of the regulatory framework around Brexit, by embracing RO-RO and alternative ports across the UK.”

According to Peel Ports, transporting non-perishable freight unaccompanied is more cost-effective and faster than relying on driver-accompanied trailers – particularly given the current HGV driver shortage – to transport cargo from the UK and Europe and vice versa.

By Michelle Mooney

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