Picavi pick-to-vision technology uses Smart Data to boost warehouse performance

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Picavi pick-to-vision technology uses Smart Data boosting warehouse performance. The smart glasses and associated software are an ideal tool for collecting information, as they feature sensors to capture important data such as WLAN signal strength. The display screens on the glasses are also an excellent source of operational information.

Pickers have to work faster and there is no room for errors. This calls for flexibility and strong performance. One of the main advantages of Picavi pick-by-vision over ERP or warehouse management systems, suggest the company, is the capability to analyse processes at the smallest level. This makes it a decisive weapon in improving warehouse processes.

Warehouse operators can only optimise transport routes and times if known. That is why the collection and analysis of transport route data is an important basis for efficiently arranging warehouse infrastructure. Routes to fast movers, for example, can be significantly shortened.

The process data can indicate that there is a weak signal coming from a certain storage space or that the picking process is taking longer than normal. This gives logistics managers clues as to where potential improvements can be discovered.

Picavi Cockpit is a business intelligence solution within the Picavi ecosystem that unlocks the full potential of pick-by-vision order picking. It includes integrated mobile device management (MDM) and a comprehensive smart data analytics function. This feature turns big data into smart data, resulting in countless benefits

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