Polymer Logistics deploys IoT tracking

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Polymer Logistics the returnable packaging provider, is to deploy an IoT tracking device from hoopo.

The hoopo system uses long-range spread spectrum technology (LoRa) to generate a position independent of GPS.

An initial trial of the technology by a Polymer Logistics customer, a UK foodstuff producer, has been running since 2018. The company is using the device to track and monitor the status of its cold chain deliveries in the UK. The trial is in its first phase but has already enabled the producer to better understand the delivery routes of its produce as well as any temperature deviations during delivery.

Ohad Perry, CTO at Polymer Logistics said: “The combination of our offering with hoopo’s will enable perishable goods producers and retail companies to make much smarter, data-driven decisions that can help reduce cycle-times as well as loss-rates of both assets and goods.”


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