Primark’s new 40-strong trailer fleet hits the road with Tiger and Wincanton

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After a partnership with Tiger Trailers, Wincanton, and Finch Signs, Primark’s new vehicle fleet has launched.

As part of the tender process, the 3PL contract for Primark was won by Wincanton, while Tiger Trailers was able to design, manufacture and release 40 articulated box van trailers for the retailer within three months.

Following Primark’s initial order of forty Tiger Trailers box vans, the retailer has placed orders for over 40 additional trailers, scheduled for manufacture during Q4 2022 into Q1 2023, which include more than a dozen retail moving deck double decks and a number of specialist trailers such as LSTs.

“We are pleased to partner with Tiger Trailers and Wincanton to support our significant UK logistics operation. Working together, we maintained service throughout our UK network while bringing in this new fleet in a timely manner, in difficult market conditions, to allow a seamless transition in providers. Thanks to everyone at Tiger, Wincanton and Finch who helped to make this happen”, said Ant Franks, Network Transport Manager for Primark.

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