Protestors demand Adidas pay supply chain workers

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The Pay Your Workers movement, organised by the Clean Clothes Campaign, has organised a week of action around the world from 24th-30th October. Protestors, including garment worker unions, are demanding that Adidas pay the alleged ‘millions in unpaid wages and severance’ it owes to workers in its global supply chain since the pandemic.

Protests will be taking place in parts of the world where many Adidas products are made including Indonesia and Cambodia, as well as across Europe and North America, where protesters have gathered outside Adidas stores.

Clean Clothes claim that the global sportswear manufacturer has taken advantage of ‘inadequate social protection systems’ in Asia and South America to dismiss workers without adequate severance, have staff work in poor working conditions, and prevent unionisation.

Speaking to Just Style, an Adidas spokesperson, said: “We reject the allegations. Throughout the pandemic, Adidas has been committed to ensuring fair labour practices, fair wages and safe working conditions throughout our global supply chain.”

He continued, stating that Adidas was “committed to ensuring legal compliance in terms of pay and benefits for all workers and tracked the working conditions in each and every factory”.

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