Safety fears as UK Government pushes through legislation for longer trucks

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Longer trucks will be introduced British under the government’s economy growth plan.

The government estimates that the decision will ‘boost the economy’ by £1.4 billion per annum, as well as reducing the number of journeys needed to make deliveries by 8%.

The government has also estimated that the introduction of the longer trailers will ‘save’ 70,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and has used this estimate to push through the legislation despite fears regarding safety.

However, it also said that the move follows an 11-year trial concerning the safety of longer semi trailers, (LSTs) which measure two metres longer than traditional trailers.

“It’s fantastic to see this change for our supply chain come into law, resulting in a near £1.4 billion boost to the haulage industry and driving economic growth. Let the good times roll as we reduce congestion, lower emissions, and enhance the safety of British roads,” said Roads Minister Richard Holden.

However, vehicles which use LST’s will be subject to a 44 tonne weight limit as that of regular standard trailers.

Some of the brands which will be rolling out the trailers in their fleets will include Royal Mail; Argos; Stobart, and Morrisons.

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