Scotch & Soda drives global omnichannel supply chain transformation

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The Amsterdam, Netherlands-based fashion brand, Scotch & Soda, has selected Manhattan Active Allocation and Manhattan Active Warehouse Management as part of a strategic move to drive its global omnichannel transformation.

“As we expanded our global footprint, it became clear that we would need to transform key parts of our supply chain operations and maximise our new omnichannel distribution centre (DC) in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, as well as our Hong Kong DC,” commented Rik Kok, Procurement Director at Scotch & Soda.

As part of its omnichannel transformation, Scotch & Soda realised the need to better align network inventory with the multiple ways it engages with its customers. The company decided to modernise and replace its allocation solution, as well as its warehouse management, to better align selling strategies and store replenishment decisions.

“By leveraging Manhattan Active Allocation, we are set to achieve a real-time view of inventory and employ allocation strategies carefully constructed to reflect the omnichannel and global nature of our growing business. Manhattan’s solutions are clearly built for retail of the future, whereas other solutions were built for retail of the past,” continued Kok.

Manhattan Active Allocation opens-up inventory allocation across all stores and distribution centres, enabling omnichannel fulfilment fully aligned with how Scotch & Soda expects its inventory to be consumed. This real-time approach to allocation makes for fewer redirects and end-of-season markdowns, less stranded inventory and less financial risk.

“Furthermore, by migrating our three key DCs to Manhattan Active Warehouse Management, we are supporting a distribution and fulfilment transformation with smarter, more transparent and sustainable fulfilment and delivery options, which will ultimately benefit our growing customer base,” said Kok.

Manhattan Active Warehouse Management is ‘versionless’, with continuous access to new capabilities. Being born in the cloud and infused with machine learning means that it never needs upgrading, so when Scotch & Soda’s business needs more, it automatically scales to match that need and works wherever it is required.

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