See how top pharmaceutical companies build resilience in their supply chains

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Building resilient supply chains is business critical for pharmaceutical companies. The Covid-19 vaccine rollout was just one example of why: supply chain disruptions can have an impact on human health.

How do pharmaceutical companies achieve and manage resilient, future-proof supply chains?

Alpega TMS has released a new ebook entitled, ‘Future-proofing the pharmaceutical supply chain’ to answer this question and more.

As a leading European transportation management system, Alpega TMS works with top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. These relationships inform the research presented, offering insider insights you won’t find elsewhere.

‘Future-proofing the pharmaceutical supply chain’ begins by offering an analysis of the logistics challenges the pharmaceutical industry faces, then moves into a pragmatic approach to solving these challenges for lasting supply chain resilience and gains in visibility and control. The role of a Transport Management System (TMS) in solving supply chain challenges is discussed in detail.

For transportation stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry, the ebook offers crucial thought leadership on the topic of resilience. However, the recommendations apply across many other industry verticals as well, making the ebook an informative read for anyone interested in future-proofing their enterprise’s supply chain.

Get started building a resilient supply chain today. Download the ebook.

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