September issue out now

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The September 2015 issue of Logistics Manager is now available for iPad and Android.

Cover story: Hi-speed challenge
Apple watchers are predicting that the next generation iPhone will be released later this month – just a year after the iPhone 6, highlighting the increasing rate at which new products come to market in the hi-tech arena. We look at the logistics impact.

Pallet networks: It’s profit that matters
UK Mail’s decision to withdraw from the market has renewed the focus on profitability rather that simply on growth.

Storage: Sweat that asset
The need to improve asset utilisation means that companies are increasingly looking to increase storage densities.

Apple App Store Badge 135Forklifts: Safety in focus
Forklift trucks remain the UK’s most dangerous type of workplace transport by a long way, so it is vital to have safe practice embedded in the operational culture.

Android app logo135Round Table: The human factor
Recruitment of warehouse staff is an on-going issue, together with that of retention. We asked a group of leading supply chain professionals for their views on creating an environment that allows warehouse staff to perform to the best of their ability, at our round table sponsored by Honeywell.

The retail market: Ready when you are
The retail industry is in a state of flux what does this mean for warehouse occupation and is the industrial property market ready.


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