SICK develops most powerful 2D LiDAR sensor to date

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Logistics automation provider, SICK has developed its most accurate 2D LiDAR sensor for materials handling, courier, and logistics applications.

The LMS4000 2D LiDAR Sensor can process even matt black or glossy packages and parcels at high speeds, and in low ambient light.

The high scanning frequency of the laser can produce more than half a million measurement points per second to calculate the position, shape, volume, or surface quality of packages over a depth of field of up to three metres.

The SICK LMS4000 achieves a six-fold increase in measurement resolution, compared to previous LiDAR sensors even at very low remissions and no matter where the object is positioned, whether on a conveyor, in a container, carton or pallet, and whether it is free-standing or touching another object.

The sensor is therefore suitable for fast-moving good handling, where accurate dimensions, volumes, or positions need to be calculated, including automated palletising, positioning tasks, such as robotic picking, and shape and contour verification in quality control.

By Michelle Mooney

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