Sick develops ‘Tim’ LiDAR sensors for area monitoring

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Sick has developed LiDAR detectors ‘Tim 1’ and ‘Tim 2’ for general area monitoring, presence detection, and collision avoidance in the warehouse.

The LiDAR sensors have been developed to be small enough to fit into tight spaces, and can fit in the palm of a human hand.

The systems offer industrial performance when used for area monitoring or object detection in logistics and storage applications, for door access monitoring, as well as for building security. The Tim 2 is being integrated into interactive screen systems to provide touch screen detection.

The Tim 1 and Tim 2 are able to monitor the entire width of warehouse storage bays during loading and unloading, to make it easier to detect the presence of packages when using a single-beam distance sensor.

The sensors are 100mm high and 60mm wide so they can be installed in areas where larger and heavier conventional laser scanners would be unsuitable, and at a much lower cost.

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