Siemens to distribute medical equipment to hospitals amid COVID-19 crisis

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Siemens Gamesa has launched a social campaign to allow its teams to help in the global fightback against the pandemic. 

The company has pledged to fund the acquisition of €1 million worth of vital supplies to healthcare providers. This will include personal protection equipment such as masks and gloves that have been requested by several hospitals.

The items will be sourced using the company’s internal procurement and distribution networks, and donation of the items will be made to hospitals particularly affected by coronavirus.

In the first instance these donations will be made in Spain (Madrid and Bilbao), France (Le Havre), the UK (Hull) and the U.S. (Florida, Iowa and Kansas). A significant reserve will be retained for deployment in other countries as and when there is demand as the crisis continues.

Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens said: “The coronavirus is both huge in its global reach but also very personal in its impact, touching us all. I am proud that our staff are taking the initiative to lead our global response to this crisis and pleased that we will be able to play a role in the communities in which we have close links.

“As a company we will play our part to help combat the crisis and put us back on the path to creating a sustainable future.”


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