SnapFulfil promises cellular picking robot and improved WMS in 2020

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SnapFulfil has said it will improve the user experience of its WMS in 2020, with simplified user interfaces that allow temporary employees to be on-boarded quickly during peak seasons.

It also said it was in the final stages of developing its autonomous mobile robot, SnapCart, due to launch in 2020.

SnapFulfil MD Tony Dobson said that warehouse managers would be looking to collect much larger quantities of data throughout the fulfilment process during 2020, so they can create a baseline and systematically track improvements within the warehouse.

Tony Dobson, MD, SnapFulfil

“Our experience tells us that having a WMS that provides easily accessible information data to employees is paramount to improving efficiencies warehouse-wide,” he said.

“Apart from facilitating much more educated decisions, it also eliminates costly, onerous and time-intensive paper-based processes in the warehouse, giving employees more quality time and flexibility to streamline procedures.”

Meanwhile its SnapCart robot is in the final stages of development. It runs on a cellular picking model that keeps pickers within a set zone and sends robots to them to pick up items.

SnapFulfill said that cellular picking considerably reduces an employee’s physical strain and helps the warehouse move items from picking to packing much more efficiently and accurately.

Dobson said SnapCart had been designed to deliver the most efficient picking methodology available, rather than replace warehouse operatives.

Carts at 48 totes can be added as needed to manage start-up costs and scalability.

Dobson said that more brands would focus on implementing robots into existing man-to-goods operations – rather than tearing the whole infrastructure down for machines – as investing in a goods-to-person robotics solution was too cost prohibitive for most SMEs.

SnapFulfil is exhibiting at IntraLogisteX – the UK’s only intralogistics show in 2020 – which takes place on the 31st March and 1st April 2020 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Register your interest now at

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