Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2020: Entries need to show “success over challenge”

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One judge has called for entries to the Supply Chain Excellence Awards to demonstrate “success over challenge” and “innovation over acceptance” in 2020.

Ian Harbour, associate director, warehousing, at Coca Cola, is one of 32 industry leaders that have all donated their time and expertise to judge the 24th Supply Chain Excellence Awards later this year.

He joined Coca-Cola over three years ago as associate director, and has built a career working at leading 3PLs such as Culina Ambient and Fowler Welch.

Ian Harbour, associate director – warehousing, at Coca Cola European Partners

He spoke to Logistics Manager about judging entries for the awards, whcih takes place on 12 November at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

Why did you choose to be a judge at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2020?

Harbour: “Originally I wanted to assist in identifying and providing constructive feedback to all applicants, winners or not, to be able to recognise practical innovation which would improve engagement with logistics teams, service to our valued customers and opportunities into a sector of business I love.

“With Covid-19 lockdown’s I am excited to see and hear how these enormous challenges have effected logistics and how companies have overcome these challenges to continue to provide high levels of service, whilst maintaining where possible cost base and keeping our logistics teams safe.”

What does supply chain excellence mean to you?

Harbour: “Supply chain excellence is over coming challenges, continuously generating innovation that drives improvements to staff safety and engagement, service to customers and maintaining and where practical improving logistics cost to serve, standing still will only give us tomorrow what we had yesterday, driving improvements on supply chain excellence will enable a demanding business sector to strive forward.

What are you looking for in a winning entry?

Harbour: “To demonstrate success over challenge, innovation over acceptance, engagement over productivity from driving a workforce harder all while maintaining performance, service, staff engagement and safety.”

The 24th Supply Chain Excellence Awards, with new categories for 2020, will take place on 12 November. For more information, including how to enter and sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected]

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