Surviving and Thriving in the Supply Chain

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How supply chain leaders can minimise risk and maximise opportunities…

Supply chain leaders must be able to deliver high-quality products at warp speed whilst meeting sustainability targets, building relationships with suppliers and sub-suppliers, predicting demand for products and resources, mitigating risk, and rapidly adopting new technologies without disrupting business as usual. Supply chain functions are tasked with meeting all of these demands— but how can you minimise risk whilst maximising opportunities?

In this complex environment, the essentials of product value chain management (including R&D/design, manufacturing, supply chain, and asset management) are more critical than ever. SAP’s research shows, that to become supply chain leader you must:

  1. Establish a consistent data flow
  2. Make the supply chain a key part of the organisational strategy
  3. Achieve full visibility across the complete end-to-end supply chain
  4. Leverage new technologies
  5. Breakdown organisational silos
  6. Enact sustainability practices

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