Sustainability is key for customer retention, says Doddle

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43 per cent of UK shoppers say they are now more likely to shop with a rival retailer if they offer a greater range of sustainable delivery options but only 6 per cent always collect their shopping instead of having it delivered, research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Doddle has found.

Two-fifths of shoppers don’t think retailers currently do a good enough job of offering sustainable options and a quarter are annoyed that home delivery is often positioned as the default option, generating unnecessary emissions.

50 per cent of shoppers only want to support retailers with a wide range of sustainable options in future. This is higher for younger shoppers with 56 per cent saying they would shop with a competitor who offered more sustainable options.

Likewise, shoppers have said that they are willing to pay a premium for sustainable options: 47 per cent would pay £1 or more, and 26 per cent would be happy to pay £2 or more.

Although only six per cent of shoppers collect their shopping, 53 per cent of 18-24-year olds are planning to use direct home delivery less in future while 29 per cent of 45-year olds intend to do so.

Figures are based on the responses from 2,196 consumers across the UK in March.

“As shoppers continue to become more environmentally conscious, retailers need to mirror this in their offer,” said Doddle CEO Tim Robinson. “While convenience remains important for customers, it’s not enough for sustainable delivery to be an add-on or after-thought anymore – in an already tough environment, it will set brands apart in their battle for customer loyalty.”

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