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On-road platooning trial to start later this year

The first phase of on-road truck platooning trials are scheduled to take place later this year, according to Fusion Processing, whose CAVstar optical and radar sensors will gather data on how other drivers behave around the platooning trucks.

DfT spends £800,000 on Brexit consultants

The Department for Transport has spent £800,000 on Brexit consultants while the Border Delivery Group spent £10.2m, according to a report by the National Audit Office.

B licences to operate alternative fuel vans

Drivers who hold category B licences will be able to operate alternatively fuelled vans up to 4.25 tonnes gross, but they will need to complete a minimum of five hours of extra training, under plans from the Department for Transport.

Transport ministers call for action on gender equality

Department for Transport ministers have used International Women’s Day to call upon the industry to strive to become leaders in gender equality, seeking a positive change for women in the number of available opportunities across the sector.