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Honda goes renewable with fuel cell forklifts

A research effort involving Briggs Equipment and Honda has seen the development a hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck that relies entirely on renewable energy sources

RHA calls for 3p fuel duty cut

Three pence per litre must be cut from fuel duty if road haulage firms in the UK are to compete with European counterparts, the Road Haulage Association, has warned in advance of the autumn statement due to take place on 3 December

Carriers expect to use cargo drones within 15 years

Over 40 per cent of logistics carriers believe they will use drones for delivering goods in the future, according to a study by the National Aeronautical Centre. And they believe it could happen within the next 15 years

Fuel duty fear over Lib Dems plan to scrap Severn tolls

Liberal Democrats plans to scrap the tolls on the Severn Bridges have received mixed responses from transport industry organisations, with the Road Haulage Association warning against raising fuel duty to make up the shortfall

RAC puts fuel price cuts on the election agenda

The RAC have written to party leaders urging them to address the price of fuel in the run up to the 2015 General Election. The RAC see this as a key area that needs to be addressed by political parties in their manifestos as the impact of high fuel prices

Carbon emissions move back up the agenda

When Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, spoke at the Road Haulage Association’s annual lunch last month, he was careful to praise the work done by the RHA, and FairFuel UK, on fuel duty – notably in explaining to government the impact of rising fuel prices on the transport industry.

Cut fuel duty by 3p, urges FTA

The Freight Transport Association has urged chancellor George Osborne to go further than freezing fuel duty, and cut it by three pence per litre

Fuel duty freeze not enough, says FTA

Chancellor George Osborne has cancelled the fuel duty increase due in September next year, in his Autumn statement. But the Freight Transport Association was quick to respond - arguing that he should have done more