Tapfreight keeps drivers safe with Mandata ePOD solution

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Tapfright is using the Mandata transport management system and integrated Manifest ePOD app, to capture electronic proof of delivery to limit person-to-person contact during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the company wanted ensure its staff were protected by limiting contact with the end user.

Tapfreight partnered with Mandata which proposed a solution that automatically transposed the name of the receiver and the signature onto the electronic POD which was also time and date stamped, avoiding direct contact at the point of delivery.

Bob Milton, Tapfreight director said: “The adaptation has literally been a lifeline for our drivers, business and customers. It was essential for us to achieve a safer method of proof of delivery. Transposing the POD details straight on to the electronic delivery note was a neat solution which meant we were able to adapt quickly.

“We have been trying to convince customers for some time to go down the paperless route. Now we’ve proven we can eradicate the need for hard copy delivery notes, this is a major step forward for us. It has demonstrated to us what we already knew, that in this day and age it’s simply not necessary to lump around great wads of paper.”

Milton says that the new solution can prevent unnecessary waste as it is a more sustainable method than the original paper-based method, which involved the destruction of paperwork. He adds: “once we have scanned the signed documents, all that paperwork has to be securely destroyed, which is such an obscene waste. So, there is a big environmental benefit as well.”

He concludes: “Some of our customers will want to go back to the way it was, but we’re going to adopt this as policy going forwarded. I’m guessing we’ll save at least 4 hours a day on scanning alone – but there will be more time saved on the planning side too. The benefits are real and significant for our business and not only that, they’re good for the environment.”

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