Tesco set to trial 100% solar panel-powered trailers

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Tesco and Marshall Fleet Solutions are currently working on a trial of 100% solar powered refrigerated trailers within the Tesco refrigerated trailer fleet as part of Tesco’s long-term commitment to sustainability and reduced carbon footprint targets within its business operations.

The first 100% solar powered trailers fitted with the Titan system from Marshall are now on the road and servicing Tesco distribution centres across the country.

Titan uses power produced from lightweight, high powered solar panels and stores the electrical energy in long life lightweight lithium batteries to provide power to the refrigeration unit.

“As a business we have looked at various options and through our long-standing relationship with Marshall Fleet Solutions we decided to trial the use of the Titan system on our fleet. So far we are finding that there is no detriment to operational performance, 100% saving on diesel costs and a good ROI”, said Cliff Smith, Fleet Engineering Manager at Tesco.

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