Transdek supports long trucks amid driver shortages and ongoing supply chain disruption

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Logistics development manufacturer Transdek supports the UK Government’s plans for bigger trucks amidst ongoing driver shortages. 

The company has shown its support for the Department for Transport, which has previously looked at enabling vehicles to carry more loads, and is expected to roll out longer semi-trailers, (LSTs), next year. These trailers, alongside double deck trucks will allow for “significantly” higher load volumes per journey, Transdek says; as will be necessary with HGV driver shortages which are set to continue for at least the next few months.

Transdek UK, which specialises in modular loading bay lifts, has in the past promoted the use of double-deck trailers and high volume distribution vehicles, including ‘wedge’ trailers and LSTs, which can help reduce delivery frequency, and therefore mileage and carbon emissions.

Leon Butler, Managing Director at Transdek said: It’s what you are pulling behind the tractor that really counts, and more importantly converting the traditional loading bay to accept the demands of a fast-moving supply chain sector along with vehicles of the future.

“For example, using a double deck trailer enables one driver to carry double the load, so as much as we must focus on attracting more class 1 HGV drivers, just as much consideration should be given to efficient vehicles within supply chain delivery fleets.”

The company advocates converting traditional loading bays, which can generally only service single and powered double deck trailers, to loading pods that can service any goods vehicle including 3.5T vans, rigids, single deckers, fixed, powered, euro and wedge double deck trailers and LSTs.

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