Volvos go down the salt mine

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Two Volvo FMX six-by-six rigids have gone into operation 460 metres under ground in a salt mine run by Irish Salt Mining & Exploration.

The trucks are being used to bring one tonne bags of ballast into the salt mine, as part of a permanent stability operation. Each FMX can carry 12 tonnes and the pair can empty a curtainside trailer at the surface in one run.

“Once underground, the Volvos are then unloaded and the material is used like large building blocks, in areas previously excavated, to guard against any future roof movement,” Alwyn McCreanor, company administrator at Irish Salt Mining & Exploration.

The trucks are powered by 420hp engines couple I-Shift automated gearboxes and rear hub reduction axles. “We have a comprehensive mine ventilation system in place, but the Volvos’ Euro 6 emissions also complement our air quality standards,” said McCreanor.

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