Watch on Demand; Overcoming the Complexities of Partitioning Large Spaces

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In this free to watch webinar, Westgate will explain how to overcome the complexities that come with installing warehouse and factory partitions.

In this free to watch webinar, Logistics Manager and Westgate will explore project examples, to showcase how several recognised businesses in the warehouse sector are benefiting from the unique Flexiwall® solution, delivering applications for dust, temperature, and cross contamination control.

By watching this webinar, you will learn; 

• How to reduce downtime
• How to remain adaptable for future
• How to overcome the constraints of
existing layouts
• How to achieve quick, clean installations to
any height and width required

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Overcoming the complexities of partitioning large spaces


Meet the speakers;

Cliff Cane
Internal Sales Team Leader @Westgate

Cliff has worked at Westgate for 16 years delivering consultancy on partitioning projects with some of the UK largest warehouse and logistic companies. With his 16 years of experience Cliff can advise customers on the best solution to overcome their projects requirements and deliver successful segregation of new and existing spaces.

Roy Burt
Roy has 19 years’ experience working with architect and construction customers. Working on specific projects with customers, Roy advises on Westgate’s range of temporary and permanent partitioning solutions to overcome the complexities of individual projects.

John Thornton
Editor @Robotics & Innovation Magazine
John joined Akabo Media in August 2019 and has worked in B2B publishing for seven years, editing engineering technology titles serving the automotive, marine and sports and entertainment venue sectors. Currently editor of City Transport & Traffic Innovation and Robotics & Innovation magazines, John co-ordinates the day-the-day operations of both titles, using independent editorial content as a platform to bring buyers and sellers together via print and online. In addition to the magazines, John also serves as a chair for the annual Road User Charging Conference in Brussels and can be found sniffing out breaking news stories throughout the halls of Akabo Media’s industry-leading exhibitions.

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