Who topped the charts with 112% growth?

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There are some familiar names in some fairly similar positions, but also many surprises in the 2021 edition of Logistics Manager’s Top 50 Service Logistics Service Providers, which is now available to purchase. Above all else, this year’s analysis of the UK’s leading 3PLs, 4PLs and supply chain and logistics service providers by turnover growth and total turnover reveals the true impact of the pandemic on the sector.

More than 160 companies were analysed for this year’s Top 50 Logistics Service Providers, which was whittled down to our big hitters.

Combined, the 50 companies that make up this year’s league of total turnover generated more than £48 billion, amassing profits amounting to almost £2 billion. Nine of the Top 50 in the fastest-growing table saw growth of more than 25%, but which one achieved an astonishing 63.79% growth? And who topped that chart with 112% growth?

“For some, the figures show that immediate shutdown at the start of March when everything ground to a halt,” reports Nick Bradley, Editor of Logistics Manager. “But the bounce-back from early summer 2020 was significant and allowed a lot of companies to not only get back on track but surprisingly given the challenges grow their revenues towards year-end.”

Indeed, the pandemic was ‘good’ for some. Parcel delivery fared very well as did those in food logistics. Specialists in food services and hospitality, though, had a tougher time. “It certainly paid to have a diverse customer base,” Bradley notes. “Although the latest available, these figures cover a few different accounting periods, depending on when accounts were filed. Some were posted in November 2021 while others are older. But they show the return to normal is in full swing and I have no doubt next year’s Top 50 will report some record-breaking results. Some already are.”

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