Why everyone benefits with RTITB’s up-to-date Driver CPC training materials

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Employers of LGV or PCV drivers, can now take their training up a gear with RTITB’s online Driver CPC Periodic training portal. Designed to benefit training teams, Instructors and drivers, it features new, relevant topics and refreshed course content, all of which can be built into customisable training playlists.

“We developed this portal to provide the best user experience for Instructors who need fast and flexible access to training material on a daily basis,” says Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB, the UK’s leading workplace transport training accrediting body. “As many organisations are experiencing disruption around driver training and assessment at the moment, we have also added a variety of up-to-date topics and materials.”

“This helps ensure that Driver CPC Periodic training is engaging, relevant, and meaningful to drivers, offering real professional development, while at the same time allowing employers to align with their business objectives too,” she continues.

The RTITB portal and materials ensure trainers can easily create training programmes that help drivers, and employers, get the most out of Driver CPC training hours.

The courses are split into four simple categories: The Driver, The Vehicle, The Road and The Rules. Modules are simple to find, with each comprising of an introduction, four relevant 45-minute topics and a conclusion. Instructors can choose from a wide range of delivery methods to keep sessions engaging including quizzes, role reversal, true or false sessions, video discussions and workshops.

For those with LGV fleets, the wide range of modules includes topics such as ‘The Future of Logistics’, ‘Delivering Excellent Customer Service’ and ‘Improving Drivers’ Understanding of Mental Health’.  New modules for PCV drivers have also recently been added, helping to meet the growing demand for high quality, valuable, and relevant Driver CPC Periodic training that benefits drivers in their specific roles. These include ‘Understanding the Driver and Customer Relationship’ and ‘Daily Duties that Prevent Vehicle Infringements’.

“Though LGV and PCV drivers face some common challenges, there are also big differences in their roles, and we’re catering to that with this training” Laura explains. “This is especially important at the moment. It is vital to give drivers development opportunities that inspire loyalty and engagement, helping businesses to retain the best employees in the face of an acute skills shortage”.

“Our portal makes it easy to build JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) approved tailored courses for different groups of drivers or to suit specific business needs, helping to maintain course quality while saving a lot of time,” says Laura.

Instructors can navigate the portal to create a bespoke learning playlist that meets their operation’s demands and works around their drivers’ working schedules. With the system, users can choose to either build and save playlists or download all the material they need to use offline later.

“Our new portal is more engaging, more flexible, and more modern than anything we have seen in this sector, as well as being fully up to date to reflect changes in our industry and legislation,” says Laura. “Our aim is to help keep drivers engaged with the very best training materials as we know they play such an important part in keeping the vital logistics and transport sectors moving.”

Investing in quality training, particularly at such a challenging time for the industry can help bring benefits during a challenging time for the industry. Laura explains: “The right Driver CPC training can help to restore drivers’ confidence if they have not been on the road for a while due to the disruptions of Covid-19. Above all, it can also help to heighten safety for drivers, their passengers, pedestrians and other road users” she adds.

Although the portal is already available to members of the RTITB Driver CPC Consortium, a 30 day free trial is currently available so that employers can see how easy it is to customise Driver CPC courses that really make a difference.

To get started with RTITB Driver CPC Periodic Training portal trial, visit www.rtitb.com/dcpcdemo. For more information, call +44 (0) 1952 520207 or email solutions@rtitb.com. Alternatively, visit www.rtitb.com for more information.

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