Wolseley signs up with CHEP

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Wolseley UK, the distributor of plumbing and heating products, has signed a deal to use CHEP pallets across its network of five distribution centres and 768 branches.

The company cited safety as a key factor behind its decision to form this new partnership with CHEP. In a recent 12-month period, Wolseley observed that sub-standard pallets within its network had caused 30 per cent of all lost-time incidents and 80 per cent of reported near-misses.

John Rogers, national distribution centre manager at Wolseley UK said: “We take safety extremely seriously and continuously review, assess and improve to keep risk to the absolute minimum. Implementing CHEP’s industry-standard pallets throughout our supply chain network will undoubtedly have a massive impact in making Wolseley UK a safer workplace for everyone.”

Central to the deal will be Wolseley UK’s use of CHEP’s industry-standard B1210A pallets (1200x1000mm). In addition, Wolseley UK will offer its suppliers the opportunity to use CHEP pallet for shipments into the business.

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