XPO adds new capabilities to its supply chain

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XPO Logistics has added new last mile capabilities to its XPO Connect.

There has been a growing trend in the purchasing of heavy products such as exercise equipment, furniture, and other heavy goods. The trend has caused an increased demand for XPO’s home delivery services.

The new XPO Connect functionality for the company’s last mile hubs includes enhanced inventory tracking, automated rescheduling of homeowner-missed delivery appointments, and automated route planning.

The company also enhanced its contactless delivery capability, which synchronises e-signature capture on handheld devices without direct contact between the driver and the customer.

Mario Harik, chief information officer for XPO Logistics, said: “We’ve been investing in digitisation across the business for years, and the benefits of that strategy are more evident than ever.

“XPO Connect adjusts smoothly to changes in volume, helping our retail and e-commerce customers keep pace with consumer expectations.”

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