XPO Logistics: Peak ‘every day’ in retail

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XPO Logistics is fulfilling a ‘peak every day’ for its retail customers, as the 3PL reacts to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gavin Williams, managing director, supply chain – UK & Ireland, XPO Logistics, told Logistics Manager: “Due to COVID-19, we have seen consumers shopping for food and other vital essentials locally and more often, resulting in us fulfilling a “peak every day” rather than the traditional end of week service profile.

“Our volumes at the start of the pandemic were 5-10% higher than Christmas peak, with far less time to plan, and we have many food operations managing record volumes.

“The demand reduced somewhat this week, but we are now seeing a return to peak volumes as manufacturing supply catches up with consumer demand, fulfilling retailers’ shelves with depth of stock. Our business remains focused on delivering essential goods to the people in need across the nation.”

Last week XPO told LM that the industry had a critical role to play to “deliver life’s necessities in this unprecedented situation”.

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