XPO Logistics prepares for Christmas by rolling out robots

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XPO Logistics is to use robots supplied by 6 River Systems to help manage inventory distribution during the Christmas peak.

The robots will guide employees to the correct inventory areas and use machine learning to double productivity and improve accuracy by almost 40 per cent. XPO says that employee safety is improved by preventing excessive employee movements and time spent walking.

Mario Harik, chief information officer of XPO Logistics, said: “Our successful collaboration with 6 River Systems in the US has led to a seamless roll-out of the robots at our UK sites.

“Based on our pilots with retail apparel, the system handles peaks in consumer demand with near-perfect accuracy by complementing the work performed by our employees.”

Jerome Dubois, co-founder and co-CEO of 6 River Systems, said: “Our collaborative fulfilment robots are a strong fit with XPO’s high-volume warehouse environments”.

6 River Systems is XPO’s supplier in the USA.

By Michelle Mooney

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