XPO spin off, GXO has deployed wearable scanners to improve productivity in the warehouse

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Contract logistics provider, GXO has partnered with ProGlove, and has deployed nearly 400 display wearable scanners in warehouses across the UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and France.

GXO is using ProGlove’s MARK family of wearable scanners for picking, packing, shipping, and inbound processing with MARK Display in pilot programs for major e-commerce and DIY customers.

The glove scanners are being used to speed up bar code reading, by up to 4 seconds per scan, compared to traditional handheld units, while allowing the employee to have their hands free.

The wearable scanners provide critical information such as storage location, product identifier, and quantity remaining, while being worn on the employee’s hand.

Richard Cawston, President – Europe, GXO, said, “We’re constantly exploring new technology that enhances the accuracy, efficiency and safety of our operations. Where we deploy wearable scanners, we can increase productivity up to 10% depending on the application, while delivering a better experience for our employees.”

Michel Matlega, Regional Sales Director Southern Europe for ProGlove, said, “GXO sets the standard when it comes to matching innovation initiatives with best practices. The result is a customer service and reliability that is second to none. That’s why we’re extremely proud to collaborate with GXO.”

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