Wednesday 22nd Feb 2017 - Logistics Manager

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hgv vision consultation

London plans to ban ‘low-vision’ HGVs

London mayor Sadiq Khan has launched a consultation on proposals that could result in bans for HGVs that do not provide drivers with adequate visibility of pedestrians and cyclists near the vehicle.


Government to play ‘active role’ in industrial policy

Prime minister Theresa May has said that the government will step up to play new “active role” in industrial policy that “backs business and ensures more people in all corners of the country share in the benefits of its success.”

Increasing exports for all but UK

European SMEs, apart from those in the UK, are increasingly using exports as a way to grow revenue, according to a UPS survey. The UK is an exception because confidence in exporting decreased following the EU referendum.


FTA backs May’s vision for tariff-free trade

The Freight Transport Association has backed Prime Minister Teresa May’s vision of “tariff-free and frictionless trade” with the European Union and free trade agreements with other partners globally.


DfT invests £1.2bn in roads

The government is to invest £1.2 billion in improving roads, cutting congestion and improving journey times.