Sunday 21st Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Sustainable sheds slash operating costs

Over the past five years Gazeley has built over 13 million sq ft of efficient, sustainable warehouse space, reducing its customers’ operating costs by £930,000 per year. In 2007 Gazeley completed a number of environmental projects including an eco-building for Procter & Gamble at G.Park Amiens in France, which reduces CO2 emissions by 56 per cent and operating costs by £69,000 a year, and a similar venture for John Lewis at Magna Park, Milton Keynes, which offers a 39 per cent reduction in CO2 and £238,000 in annual costs.

Gazeley’s latest development, G.Park Blue Planet – Chatterley Valley, is considered its most ambitious so far. It is a truly carbon positive logistics development with its very own Bio fuel power station, kinetic energy plates and a solar wall. The company believes operating cost savings of £300,000 a year will be obtainable.