SSI Shaefer develops cold store support

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SSI Shaefer is in the process of developing an automation business support unit for the cold store industry.

The company says the ‘deep-freeze’ sector falls behind other markets when it comes to warehouse systems and logistics because as capacities increase, “the average degree of utilisation in most warehouses continues to remain at 75 per cent”.

Bob Jane, business development manager, SSI Schaefer, said: “Many companies within the cold store industry are not aware of the space optimisation and productivity gains that can be achieved by using modern design systems.”

The support package is designed to help specialists within the sector increase throughput and warehouse volume efficiency by making sure they are able to deal with all areas of automated warehouse management and stock turnover on any project.

As part of the support unit SSI Shaefer will help with planning an automated warehouse, selecting the most appropriate order-picking system, and implementing and installing all phases of turnkey systems.

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