Liverpool cool store takes HighJump

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GoAssociates has chosen the HighJump warehouse management system for its new perishable goods facility at the Port of Liverpool.

The Liverpool Produce Terminal has been designed to provide a quayside cool store for fresh fruit and vegetable imports.

Lewis Clements, managing director of GoAssociates which launched the LPT initiative, said: Around ten million tonnes of fresh produce is shipped into the UK each year and half of it is transported by truck up to retail warehouses in the north of the country.

“Given the congestion problems and government drives for low carbon emission zones, we’ve always felt that building a quayside cool store at the nearest port to their market is the way forward. Retailers can become environmentally friendly with it costing them any more. Implementing the right WMS is a key part of this.”

It chose the HighJump Warehouse Advantage WMS based on its functionality, cost of ownership and ability to adapt to future needs.

The 90,000 sq ft warehouse has four temperature controlled chambers ranging from going down to minus 14 degrees Celsius and will accommodate fresh produce four pallets high.

Specialised reefer ships will be able to berth alongside the cool store which will have the ability to discharge 4,000 pallet ships in 24 hours.

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