Jungheinrich promises fourth generation savings

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[asset_ref id=”330″]Jungheinrich has launched new ranges of three and four-wheel electric counterbalance trucks using fourth generation AC technology which promises lower battery consumption.

The three-wheel EFG 213-220 and four-wheel 316-320 ranges also use energy reclamation during braking so that, in most applications, a truck will operate for two shifts without the need for a battery change.

Jungheinrich says that tests show that during a typical shift the EFG will operate for up to half an hour longer before a battery change is required than some of its competitors. This could equate to de-stacking an extra lorry load.

Craig Johnson, marketing manager of Jungheinrich UK, said: “Our new electric counterbalance machines offer a level of performance that is comparable to that achieved by an IC engine-powered truck.

“With our new electronic counterbalance range all motors- drive, lifting and steering – are AC. This means that there are fewer wearing parts which makes the trucks exceptionally service-friendly with less downtime and lower running costs as a result. And, because all motors and electronics are enclosed and all the electronic connectors are sealed, the trucks suitable for indoors and outdoors tasks,” said Johnson.

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