John Lewis and Keystone share best practice

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John Lewis has teamed up with McDonald’s UK’s distribution company, Keystone Distribution UK, to implement a job swap scheme.

Managers from both companies will take part in the programme, which has been designed as part of both businesses’ talent management programmes and as a means to share best practice.

Claire Pearson, Keystone’s human resources director, said: “John Lewis and Keystone have slick distribution operations, but there is always room for improvement. This will be a fantastic opportunity for both of us, as our managers will spend time with each other to improve their awareness about how other leading companies operate and enable them to bring best practice back.”

Every manager who completes the scheme will be required to develop a ten-point action plan to improve operations by implementing ideas from the job swap. Warehouse shop floor practices, shift pattern management, communication and employee engagement have all been highlighted as areas for study and improvement.


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