No need to race, says Transmon

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One thing companies can do to minimise the risk of forklift-related accidents is restrict the truck’s travel speed, says Transmon Engineering. The company has developed a range of speed control systems, which it says can be fitted to any forklift truck on any site in a few hours.

Steve Coley (pictured), managing director of the Leicester-based company, says: “Limiting or controlling travelling speeds on site not only heightens safety levels, it also helps to reduce fuel consumption and minimise stock damage, or damage to the machine itself enhancing cost efficiency.”

Transmon’s Speed Savure can be installed to any diesel or LPG lift truck, which allows the supervisor to set the vehicle to a maximum speed according to the site’s regulations. The system is enabled as soon as it detects the trucks movement and throttle restriction is applied, which is removed when the vehicle slows down.

Alternatively, the company has developed Over Speed Savure, which activates an audible and visual alarm when the truck reaches a preset speed, rather than actually restricting the speed. For operations that require various speed limits across one site it is possible to apply a number of restrictions that are automatically triggered via Transmon’s Zone Speed Savure, which uses RFID active tags to limit speed only when required.

A hard wired fixed proximity transmitter is fitted to the gates surrounding a speed restricted area, which sends a signal to a transmitter installed in each forklift truck. On entering a restricted zone the speed limiter is automatically activated and as it leaves the driver has the option of selecting normal speed mode.



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