New oil additive for UK

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BORPower oil additive, which claims to improve fuel consumption by more than ten per cent and reduce engine wear, has launched in the UK.

The product is already available in continental Europe and the US and has recently gone through trials by the Motor Industry Research Association.

The research showed that in an average year a fleet of ten 18-tonne vehicles developing 230hp, operating at 50,000 miles each, could save £20,538 based on 12.6 miles per gallon per vehicle.

BORPower is non-toxic and non-acidic and is based upon a physical process, not involving any chemical reaction with engine oil as it is chemically inert.

It contains two active ingredients: boron diamond powder (MCDP) and nano boron and works by building up boron metal films in the engine’s inner parts, which are designed to prevent direct contact between frictional surfaces, helping to cool them down and seal them.

It claims to last for up to 40,000 miles, compared to liquid lubricants which last up to 1,000 miles and solid lubricants which last up to 25,000 miles.

Alongside MIRA, the product has been tested by a number of facilities in the USA and Germany.

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