MBI scores with TallyGenicom

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MBI, a division of Danbury Mint UK which holds licences for several big football brands, has implemented a variety of TallyGenicom’s Line Matrix printers to produce invoices, statements of production dispatch and notes for outbound goods.

MBI currently holds licences for Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester United, and works with Disney, Ford and General Motors.

It ships thousands of boxes of memorabilia each month so needed a product capable of printing a vast number of mission critical documents reliably and quickly.

The licensing company opted for a 6318, a 6090 and two 6312 line printers to cover day-to-day operations. The printers are also able to communicate with the company’s existing IBM system.

Gary Langley, MBI network and financial systems controller, said: “I think the last time we had an engineer on site was over eight months ago and even then, it was only for general maintenance.

“The printers just keep producing all the documents we need. For example, when we start to print a batch at 5am, it is completed by 11am and the only thing we have to do is collect the report.”

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