Yorkshire launches ECO scheme

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Yorkshire-based Clipper Logistics Group has teamed up with councils across South Yorkshire to help launch the ECO (Efficient and Cleaner Operations) Stars Fleet Recognition scheme.

The initiative has been set up by the Care4Air campaign, which aims to raise awareness of air quality across the region.

As part of the scheme participants will be measured on three, four and five star criteria levels that aim to recognise operational and environmental performance.

Clipper is the first organisation to join the scheme and has been awarded a four star rating.

The company developed the Meadowhall Consolidation Centre to support Sheffield’s Meadowhall Shopping Centre. It was designed to streamline the delivery process and reduce the centre’s carbon footprint thanks to the shared-user nature of the service, as well as reduce pollution from packing waste around the site.

Tony Mannix, managing director of Clipper, said: “The ECO Stars initiative is a great opportunity for Yorkshire fleets to review their environmental efficiency and improve their green credentials as well as boosting their business performance.

“By stipulating Euro 5 engines in all of our new vehicles, and improving our fuel management systems, we expect to see a reduction in operational costs, as well as playing our part in benefiting the region’s air quality. We look forward to achieving a five star rating in the coming months.”

Clipper will now work in partnership with the councils to encourage other companies in the area to boost fuel efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

The scheme is available to fleets including LGVs, buses and coaches that have implemented lower polluting vehicles and fuel management programmes to improve air quality.

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