No room for dispatch error

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Wyko Industrial Services and Chess Logistics Technology have worked together to create an order picking system that has integrated an automated storage and retrieval system, laser-highlighted picking equipment and RF terminals with Chess’s Empirica WMS. The installation has helped Wyko to cut dispatch errors by 50 per cent and increase overall pick rates by 30 per cent.

The ASRS stores thousands of small industrial components supplied by Wyko in almost 500 trays. Empirica sends pick information to the ASRS including location details to ensure that the tray holding the next item on the list is brought down to the picking position. Each pick is confirmed using the RF terminal and as the pick list is processed the tray with the next item is brought to the picking point. When working at full speed the ASRS can access to up to 120 different stock trays each hour. Additional information about ASRS operations is also provided on touch screens above the picking points.

The ASRS has two positions for picking. These can be worked simultaneously by a single operative to maximise efficiency by picking from one port while the next tray is being brought to the other. Both ports can also have a dedicated operative, performing identical or different tasks, for complete flexibility.

Items retrieved from the ASRS are placed in tote bins for transfer by conveyors to the order assembly area. Each operation in the sequence is confirmed by either RF hand-held or fixed position scanners.

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