Hardcat launches asset management programme

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Hardcat has launched Asset Lifecycle Program, a software package designed to help medium to large organisations manage assets more effectively, which it says can save 35 per cent on the cost of assets over their lifecycle.

The web-based system allows companies to accurately locate and redeploy assets to the most appropriate location, helping to reduce the purchase of unnecessary assets, lower asset downtime and improve productivity.

Hardcat has calculated that a small organisation, employing less than 25 employees, with 500 assets can save almost £20,000 per year.

John Cowell, general manager UK and Europe, said: “The software allows companies to fully identify what they have. In today’s climate the value based on assets is hugely important and companies need to do more to look after them.”

He adds that because the software is web-based it is more “user definable” and can be configured to show particular responsibilities to individuals or the entire database.

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