Wavetrend launches RFID expansion module

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Wavetrend, which specialises in the deployment of active RFID solutions, has released an expansion module compatible for use with Workabout Pro, Psion Teklogix’s second generation rugged hand-held.

The new RX2100 End-Cap Reader is part of Wavetrend’s forthcoming ActivMobility suite of mobile solutions for active RFID asset management and enables the hand-held to detect and decode signals from its Activ and ActivDuo tag ranges.

The reader has also been designed to allow further expansion modules to be installed and used on the hand-held simultaneously, allowing users to combine barcode scanners, imagers, wireless LAN and WAN adaptors, GPS positioning and GSM/GPRS/EDGE communication modules, with the active RFID reader.

Saleem Miyan, Wavetrend’s chief executive officer, said: “The RX2100 End-Cap Reader and Workabout Pro device together provide a multi-functional, highly rugged mobile reader platform that extends the benefits of active RFID asset tagging beyond a fixed reader network.

He adds that customers are now able to “locate, verify, or scan for tagged assets anywhere including the tough environments our tags can be used in, while interfacing with back-end systems to retrieve or update asset information, such as location, status, service records etc.”

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