NE Wholesale improves visibility with Aeromark

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NE Wholesale, the trade distributor of tyres and exhausts, is extending its deployment of Aeromark’s Aerotrack vehicle tracking software, which has helped to improve customer service and reduce operating costs.

The company, which is headquartered in Middlesbrough, operates a fleet of more than 100 delivery vehicles and has eight depots across the north east of England.

Ian Darcy, NE Wholesale’s business development director, said: “Without a tracking solution we were totally blind as to the whereabouts of our delivery vehicles.  We were unable to accurately monitor the accountability of our drivers, for example, actual time spent travelling to and from deliveries and the associated fuel usage, time spent at a delivery, the amount of overtime being carried out and private use of the vehicles.  This lack of visibility made it difficult for us to monitor our operating costs.”

“Since deploying Aerotrack, we have instant visibility of the location of each and every one of our vehicles which has greatly helped us to meet our service level agreements.

“Additionally, we now track whether vehicles are taking the most direct routes to and from deliveries which helps monitor fuel usage, and we are now able to accurately monitor the productive hours worked by our drivers.  We have also completely eliminated the costs associated with the private use of vehicles.” 

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