Cat for Senator

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Senator International needed to make continual changes to its warehousing facilities to increase capacity. Briggs worked with Senator in planning the layout of its warehouses, including advising on racking and aisle layout to maximise pallet spaces. Briggs recommended a warehouse fleet that could handle the diversity of Senator’s operations and simultaneously achieve a significant increase in the number of pallet movements. This included moving from forklift trucks to stacker trucks and man-up equipment.

A wide range of equipment operates in the eight metre-high warehouse which includes a mixture of Caterpillar man-up equipment, high-level order pickers, pedestrian and ride-on stackers, pallet trucks and wire-guided high raekers, Future expansion plans for an 11 metre facility meant that Briggs had to install machines that were capable of ultimately working to this increased height but could be safely operated at the current height of eight metres.

To increase capacity at the Huncoat site, Briggs worked with Senator to narrow the aisles from two metres to 1.1 metres and switched to a fleet that could work to higher heights in tighter aisles. Custom four metre masts were installed on the stacker trucks and reach trucks were replaced with high-level order pickers. This has given Senator 890 extra spaces in the warehouse and has increased its pallet movements by almost 100 per cent.



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