Light the way to savings

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Ex-Or is launching HighBay LightSpot, a presence-detection system designed to cut out unnecessary use of lighting in buildings with ceiling heights between eight and 14 metres.

The lighting management specialist says a company can see an 80 per cent cost saving from installing the LightSpot, and could expect a payback of under a year. The system will then continue to deliver energy cost savings over the life of the building.

Warehouses are increasing in height, and higher ceilings prompt higher energy costs – in particular, large internal areas remain lit despite being unoccupied for much of the time.

LightSpot uses presence-detection technology which responds to any movement so when a person enters the monitored area the lighting is automatically activated and stays so until the person has left the area. Then the lights will automatically switch off, or can be set to a minimum output.

Ex-Or says in large warehouses discharge lighting, which can’t be controlled or dimmed, is giving way to fluorescent lighting which links easily with presence-detection lighting control.

Ex-Or’s Long Range series of LightSpot offers a 60 metre detection range. However in many warehouse and storage applications, especially where there are a large number of racking aisles, more precise lighting control is needed. The detectors provide a narrow angle of view despite being mounted at great height.




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