Super storage boost for Cargo

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The Invicta Group has redesigned the racking layout for Cargo HomeShop’s main warehouse in Thame, Oxfordshire, which has resulted in 1,200 extra pallet storage locations.

Invicta chose a VNA system for the 45,000 sq ft warehouse, which has enabled the furniture retailer to rid itself of the need for costly off-site storage, in turn improving stock availability and dispatch times.

The warehouse had undergone various upgrades, with additional runs of racking added periodically over a five-year period. It consisted of nine aisles of pallet racking systems, comprised of 1,800 bulk pallet storage locations and 337 bays for picking, and 5,600 sq ft of open mezzanine floor.

However, with the warehouse operating at near full capacity for the majority of the year, the retailer had to use a lot of local, off-site storage warehouses during peak periods so as to meet the increase in required stock levels. By bringing all stock on site, the retailer has cut out the £100,000 it was spending each year on off-site storage.

Aisles were also getting congested, and the picking processes were being interrupted by the forklifts.

Invicta installed a wire-guided forklift truck system so as to reduce the damage to the racking frames caused by unguided forklifts. A dedicated picking area was added to improve health and safety. Beams were installed across the centre walkways at the second racking level and above, to make use of the empty space above head height, which previously couldn’t have been done because of the former, unequally aligned racking rows.

The redesign has increased warehouse efficiency, and stock availa- bility in Cargo’s stores due to improved shop floor replenishment times.




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