RedPrairie adds multi-channel tools to updated WMS

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RedPrairie has launched the latest release of its WMS, Warehouse Management release 2009.1, to help retailers meet the challenges of multichannel retail.

E-commerce retailers have been targeted with a new ‘Optimised outbound repacking’ tool, aimed at sites that send out one or two products to a large number of end customers, where efficient packing is crucial to maximise profits.

This dedicated, specialised parcel packing module will result in reduced packing time. It also enables integration with multiple carrier systems to provide labelling and carrier selection, reducing delivery costs.

The upgraded system has improved functionality for hanging garments allowing clothing to be hung and tracked on and off rails, within user designed zoning and dimension constraints such as weight, length and drop, leading to greater efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Rules to optimise repacking have been added, to manage how packages are combined and scheduled for delivery, reducing handling and carrier costs. The integration with RedPrairie’s Duty Management application allows more accurate tracking of duty to comply with regulations as well as enabling deferment of duty payments.

Andrew Kirkwood, senior vice president and executive director at RedPrairie, said: “Warehouse Management 2009.1 is fully web-enabled, allowing external systems to carry out transactions such as querying inventory and placing orders in real time. Users can benefit from low upfront investment and fast deployment, crucial at a time when companies need to reduce cost and increase productivity.”

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