Dams saves £750,000 with Paragon

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Furniture manufacturer Dams International has reported savings of £750,000 per year after implementing a transport optimisation system from Paragon Software Systems.

The system has enabled the company to improve the management of its drivers, fitters and 140 strong delivery fleet, leading to a significant boost productivity and efficiency.

Gary Grindlay, supply chain director at Dams International, said: “We have gone from five manual planning clerks who would take all day to plan to one Paragon planner who takes about an hour to produce our daily schedules. Before Paragon we made about eight deliveries per vehicle per day, whereas now we are doing ten or more and we are aiming to extend this to about 12 each day.”

The improvements have been achieved through optimising vehicle loads by inputting weights and cubic measurements for each product to ensure they are working to capacity. As well as planning the appropriate delivery and installation times. Grindlay added: “This helps with Time and Motion management as we can quickly identify fitters who need additional training to bring them up to speed.”

The software allows the company to assign deliveries from the nearest of its six depot, providing greater flexibility and a more efficient service.

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