Bentley boost for parts space

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Bentley Motors has increased its aftersales parts storage facility at Crewe following the installation of SSI Schaefer’s multi-tier R3000 shelving system with two walkway levels.

Bentley now has some 11,000 new shelf positions designed to suit a large range of automotive aftersales parts, from pipes, glass, hanging garments and car rugs through to branded merchandise.

SSI Schaefer proposed the concept of a shelving build through system with walkways fixed to the shelving uprights. This was more cost-effective than the mezzanine floor supporting a shelving system that it was originally asked to tender for.

Steve Rhodes, senior aftersales logistics manager, said: “The three-tier structure is working well for us. SSI Schaefer worked effectively with the Bentley team and the response to change requests was positively supported and dealt with efficiently.”

The three tier storage installation, complete with a  pallet gate at each  level, a goods lift and three staircases with handrail protection, has also been designed to incorporate a secure store for high value items. To blend in with Bentley’s corporate colour, the goods lift, staircases and floor fascia have all been finished in green.

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